OXO BOX support the NHS
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OXO BOX support the NHS

Share the love by donating towards an OXO BOX to front line NHS workers in isolation

The events of the last few months have seen everyone band together and support each other. At OXO our goal is to provide happiness through food, it’s what gets up us up in the morning. When we launched OXO BOX, our goal remained the same; to bring happiness to people through food, only in the comfort of their own homes. Additionally, we wanted to offer our support to the UK’s ‘engine room’ – the people that keep the country running and continue to go to work so the cogs of humanity keep turning.

So, in the early stages of the OXO BOX, we connected with Kings College Hospital to see how we could deliver food boxes to NHS workers. We learnt that on average Kings College Hospital has around 350 staff isolating each week with symptoms. With the help of the team at King’s we devised a plan to distribute OXO food boxes to the Covid-19 testing site at Kings College hospital, where NHS workers with symptoms are swabbed before heading back into isolation to await results. A safe method of distributing food and reducing the need for isolating staff to go to the shops.

Anyone can donate, simply head to our online shop and click on the NHS logo to donate a monetary amount. For NHS workers still working, get in contact with us and we’ll provide you a discount code to use for 20% off the OXO Box.

Thanks to everyone putting themselves at risk to keep us all going.

We hope to see you soon.

The OXO team


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