Paul Rhodes Bakery visit
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Paul Rhodes Bakery visit

Going against the grain never tasted so good

Did you know that nearly 11 million loaves of bread are bought in the UK every day? Thats equivalent to each person purchasing 60 loaves a year – talk about the best thing since bread!

Lucky for us our bread supplier, Paul Rhodes Bakery, invited the staff at OXO to visit their bakery in Greenwich, London which handles the whole process from making to baking – and finally the selling of freshly made bread every day. The focus for the day was to see how the bakery operates and what they are doing to increase their sustainability efforts.

After a little navigating our team made it to the bakery and after a great introduction to the brand they were whisked away on a behind the scenes tour. Starting with the delivery office where flour is delivered from all over the country (and, excitingly, now from London) they then moved through to the product development site – where the magic happens. Cinnamon rolls, crunchy sourdough loafs, flaky croissants and even the occasional cookie, it was a childhood (and adulthood) dream.

Once the team had been shown around the bakery it was time to eat some bread (one of our favourite parts). With exciting new flavours such as rosemary and potato to classic sourdoughs, and not forgetting the cakes – the team were well and truly spoiled!

The experience allowed our team to understand the whole process of sourcing the ingredients to making fresh bread daily and how each team works together to make sure orders and deliveries are out in time for their customers.

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