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Rubies in the Rubble

Make the switch to Rubies in the Rubble

Did you ever wonder where we get our ketchup from? In case you did, it’s from the incredible team at Rubies in the Rubble

At OXO we use a lot of ketchup, in fact it’s 5kg per week and our sister site Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge uses a staggering 20kg per week. By switching to Rubies, we have saved 11.65kg of pears from going to waste. Which has a total impact of saving 5kg of Co2 emissions every week!

So, while you may ask where it comes from, we feel our ketchup, like all our produce should come from the best possible supplier. More importantly children love this stuff but between us … it’s not the healthiest sauce on the planet, especially if you look at the nutritional value of the market leading brands. But fear not, this is where Rubies in the Rubble come in. While their business was set up with a motivation to tackle food waste, they are also keen on keeping the nutritional value in the condiments they produce.

Did you know these unsightly facts?

  • One third of all food produced globally is wasted
  • In the UK alone £650 million worth of food is wasted before it even leaves the farmers gates
  • Finally, the amount of food wasted is four times more than the quantity needed to feed all the people around the world who are malnourished.

Well these were just a few of the motivators for Jenny Costa when she founded Rubies in the Rubble in 2012. Having grown up on a sustainable farm in Scotland Jenny already had the knowledge she needed to launch her award-winning range of sustainably sourced condiments. Using surplus fruit and vegetables straight from the farm, each bottle of Rubies ketchup saves perfectly useful tomatoes and pears from contributing to the growing food waste crisis. Rubies Ketchup is sweetened using wonky pears, meaning each bottle contains 50% less refined sugar than its market competitors. Didn’t we say there are health benefits to this wonderful red sauce?! Making Rubies better for your body and better for the planet.

To put the work Rubies do into perspective, since founded in 2012 they have saved 126,195kg of fruit and vegetables from being wasted. The Ketchup having their biggest impact to date by offsetting 69,431kg of Co2 emissions into the environment. All through making use of something that would have otherwise been wasted. We think this is incredible!

Ah, and if this wasn’t enough their team joined two of our beach cleans so far. Helping to reduce plastic pollution of the Thames and in turn the oceans; so they are really going the extra mile when it comes to making an impact.

Moving forward Rubies aim is to expand their range of sauces, becoming a household name helping to further their fight against food waste. So next time you dine, make sure you ask for a taste and make the switch yourself!