Sustainability at OXO
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Sustainability at OXO

What are we doing at OXO to increase our sustainability efforts?

Now, more than ever, people are calling for businesses to take a stand against the impact that they are having on the environment.

As a founding member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, we are constantly working to ensure that all areas of our business are becoming as sustainable as possible. Whether it’s the ingredients we source or the way we handle our food waste, we are always making improvements and working closely with the SRA to explore how new initiatives can be introduced.

See below some of our sustainability efforts, which we hope will inspire others to make a change as well!



Where we can, we source ingredients that are British, or even better, local to London.

  • All of our cheeses are from Neal’s Yard Dairy, our neighbour in Borough Market, and our potatoes are from Carroll’s Heritage potatoes in Northumberland.
  • All of our milk and eggs are organic and free range.
  • Our game comes from Yorkshire.
  • We avoid fish currently being on the red list of the Good Fish Guide. We aim to get it all from sustainable sources, although not all types of fish we use are available in the UK.
  • The hand-dived scallops and crab we use come from Portland Shellfish in Dorset and Keltic Seafare in Scotland, which provide us with some of the best seafood available.
  • Our meat is red tractor certified as a minimum standard but whenever possible we incorporate rare breeds and lesser used parts of the animal to reduce the impact the meat options have on the environment.
  • We make vegetables the hero of many of our dishes so our guests find it easy to chose veg above meat options (i.e. Vegan Afternoon Tea).
  • We have a passion for foraged ingredients, and our Head Pastry Chef Penny Wabbit is known for the foraged flowers and herbs that she uses in her desserts.
  • We use Martin Denby to forage some of our ingredients throughout the year and get our mushrooms, including Portobello and Brown Chestnut mushrooms supplied from the @MushroomMan based at New Convent Garden Market.


Reusing and Recycling

We have been undertaking new initiatives to ensure we meet the recycling needs of our customers and the business as a whole. From wine bottles to scallop shells, we reuse and recycle as much as we can. 

  • Over 500 empty bottles from the Bar have been sold in aid of charity to be turned into lamps, clocks and other items.
  • Wooden crates from wine deliveries are given to local community and gardening groups to be used as planters or for arts and crafts.
  • All of our furniture is regularly repaired, and worn pieces are donated and sold to various businesses for up-cycling, the most exciting place to feature our ‘old’ chairs must have been an outdoor theatre in Ramsgate.
  • Our chefs are creative with food waste, making carrot top pesto, bread sauce, dumplings, wine and more.
  • Some of the food waste from the kitchens is used for our staff food, including cuts from vegetables, meat and fish.
  • We offer freshy produced, unserved food for purchase through Too Good To Go at the end of service.
  • Wine corks are collected and sent to Recorked, which sells corks for re-usage.
  • Many of our ink cartridges are returned to the supplier to be refilled and reused.
  • We also review many of our practices to reduce single use plastic, as a result the use of cling film, vacuum bags, straws, plastic bags has been drastically reduced over the last year. Some of the plastic packaging we receive with our deliveries is also being reused (i.e. ice cream containers, some milk cartons, polystyrene fillers to protect glass ware).


By holding in-house sustainability sessions, we have found ways to improve our ways of working and have trained the team so they feel confident answering customer questions regarding sustainability. One of the proudest ways we engage the team is by attending regular Thames beach cleans on our doorstep with Bywaters.

All in all, we understand that everyone needs to help tackle the problems that we, as a world, face, so please do let us know if you have any suggestions for how to improve our sustainability. We look forward to welcoming you in soon to try some of our carefully-sourced and lovingly-cooked dishes!