Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside
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Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Why joining a beach clean is the best thing you can do this year

If you go to the beach nearly anywhere in the world, you’ll find evidence of humanity washing up on its shores. From plastic bottles to food wrappers and even tyres, plastic pollution is at an all time high.

Here at OXO, we love the beach – so much so that we often spend a few hours every month cleaning it up. In order to improve our sustainability efforts and the environment, we take our team out to the beach by OXO Tower Wharf, along with Bywaters, to pick up plastic and rubbish from along the Thames’ shores. If you’ve wanted to do a beach clean for some time but haven’t had chance, or maybe you’ve never thought about doing one, now is the time! Below is a list of our most important reasons to participate in a local beach clean.


  1. You save marine animals

Over the past few years, there have been more and more headlines about sea life that has unfortunately died due to consuming or being trapped by the waste we throw in the oceans. Removing litter that we find on the beach guarantees that marine wildlife won’t encounter it.

  1. You preserve our natural treasures

Beaches are diverse natural treasures (they also look really great) that are here for all of us to explore and enjoy together. Unfortunately, rubbish on our beaches can spoil the scenery and ruins the natural landscape. By cleaning up the beach, you ensure that visitors from all over the world can enjoy your beaches fully.

  1. You keep toxic chemicals out of the water

Did you know that cigarette butts are the most frequently littered item on Earth? As you might expect, this is one of the most commonly found bits of rubbish found in the ocean (next to micro plastics). Cigarette butts are small, but they make a big impact on clean water. After just one hour of exposure, a cigarette butt can contaminate almost 8 liters of water with unhealthy and dangerous chemicals. If you picked just 10 cigarette butts up off the ground, you’re saving nearly 800 liters of water from contamination!

  1. You create a safer environment

Litter isn’t just not nice to look at, but it can actually be unsafe. Metal with sharp edges and pieces of glass can be really dangerous to just about anybody walking or playing on the beach (even animals). These sharp pieces of litter can easily hide in sand and cause serious injuries!

  1. You make seafood safer to eat

They say you are what you eat! According to one study the average seafood eater is consuming 11,000 tiny fragments of plastic every year. The chemicals in these plastics can accumulate in our bodies over time and eventually cause health problems. So, cleaning up your local beach means creating a healthier world.


If you would like to participate in a beach clean around London or the UK have a look at some of the link below for information (there’s even a silent disco beach clean in Brighton!)

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