The OXO Community Kitchen
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The OXO Community Kitchen


OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie have been supporting StreetSmart for over 20 years. Add to that a passion for reducing food waste, two professional kitchens not being used and a team of staff on furlough expressing an urge to volunteer and help fight food poverty. Mix them together and in a flash, the OXO Community Kitchen was born.

Sadly, the pandemic has forced community kitchens and hospitality businesses to close, resulting in a surplus of food destined for waste and a growing demand for meals for the vulnerable and homeless. With this desire to help, the OXO Tower Restaurant reached out to several great London charities in need of a kitchen.

Continuing their relationship with StreetSmart and now newly partnered with FoodCycle, Streets Kitchen, Feast With Us and Coin Street, the OXO Tower Restaurant have become part of a naturally formed alliance whereby each of these great charities are coming together with a common goal – reducing food waste and bring nutritious meals to those experiencing food poverty. They have seen ingredients donated by a number of organisations and businesses including Fare Share, Greens Produce, Add Olives and London Wildlife Trust.

When the OXO Tower restaurant reached out to their furloughed team, 22 of them from all areas of the restaurant volunteered their time to cooking the meals. Starting with 30 meals in week one, over 500 meals in week two, 1,000 meals in week three, the OXO Community Kitchen have ended week four by preparing over 1,400 meals.

An army of volunteer cyclists, drivers and scooter riders have been turning up at the OXO Tower daily and loading up their bags to distribute the meals around London. High Gate Newtown have even provided an electric heated van which keeps the meals hot when delivering.

As this new initiative evolves, OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie will continue to support great charities battling food waste and poverty through supplying nutritious healthy meals.