Trash Talk with Alice Revell
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Trash Talk with Alice Revell

A design project aiming to raise awareness of single use plastics and microbeads

As part of our fight to tackle plastic pollution and clean up the rivers and beaches of England, we invited artist and environmentalist Alice Revell to display her work in our viewing gallery here at OXO Tower.

Trash Talk is an ongoing project primarily made up of conversational protest prints that explore the issues surrounding plastic pollution. The designs aim to act as a talking point to raise awareness of single use plastics and microbeads that are currently causing havoc in our rivers, oceans and landfill. Alice Revell is a textile print designer who uses graphic line work, bright colours and recognisable motifs to bring a sense of nostalgia to the viewer.

As sustainability is at the forefront of her work, all designs are printed using nontoxic dye sublimation inks onto 100% recycled polyester from eco business, Offset Warehouse. By making the designs relatable to the individual, everyone can join the protest against plastic pollution.

We will be launching Alice’s work on the 23rd September to coincide with World Rivers Day, where we will be hosting a special panel discussion on plastic pollution and what we can do as a society to help. If you would like to come, contact Andrea Zick 0207 803 3835.

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