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Luxury Watch Repairs

Ground Floor

Accredited by the Swatch Group and LVMH, family-run business Luxury Watch Repairs services complications and vintage watches.

Accredited by the Swatch Group and LVMH, Luxury Watch Repairs offers dedicated repairs, refurbishments and restorations to luxury and vintage watches. Luxury Watch Repairs is Level 3-approved for Omega, which is the highest certification the brand offers; it is also an approved workshop for Cartier, TAG Heuer and Hublot. The service also offers basic watch maintenance, such as cleaning, polishing and battery replacement.

Luxury Watch Repairs offers a fast and efficient turnaround time of 10 to 14 days, complete with a 2-year warranty. For a minimal supplement, you can also request a time-lapse video of your watch being serviced.

Luxury Watch Repair’s process is as follows:

1. Send in your item(s) or drop-off in-store for an inspection.

2. You will be contacted by an expert with repair advice and a quotation for your approval.

3. If the quotation is approved, work will begin on your item(s).

For more information, please contact manchester@luxurywatchrepairs.com or phone (+44) 0207 404 3366.


Luxury Watch Repairs is currently operating via post.

View the services list here.

To send your item(s), order a pre-paid postage pack here (insured to £25,000) or contact postagepack@luxurywatchrepairs.com.