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Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum

15 Year Old Black River Casks Rum


Black River is one of the longest rivers in Jamaica. It runs from Cockpit Country, through Maggotty (just down the road from Appleton Estate), and out to sea at the town of the same name. It’s called Black River because of the darkness of the riverbed, caused by a thick layer of decomposing vegetation. As well as being massively important for birds, fish and crocodiles, it also provides the limestone-filtered water used to make Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum. 

The 15 Year Old Black River Casks is made in the mighty river’s honour using a blend of rare hand-selected pot and column still rums that have been aged for a minimum of 15 years in the tropical climate of Jamaica. We genuinely wish there was a river of this rum, because it’s so gorgeous that there should always be a constant flow. It pours a copper colour with flashes of golden honey, and it smells divine, with notes of toasted almond, hazelnut praline, vintage marmalade, vanilla, dark roast coffee and treacle. As well as opulent caramel, chocolate-covered raisins, overripe tropical fruit and something that reminds us of polished antique leather-topped oak desks, there’s also that unmistakable Jamaican funk. This really is a treat for the five senses.

Renowned around the world for producing wonderfully rich, aromatic and flavourful rums, Appleton Estate also has the distinct honour of being Jamaica’s oldest sugar estate and distillery in continuous production.

£12.14 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 3914754

Style No.: 914987

Country: Jamaica
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 43%
Volume: 700ml

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