Kanuka Honey 250g - Tahi
  • Kanuka Honey 250g - Tahi
  • Kanuka Honey 250g - Tahi
  • Kanuka Honey 250g - Tahi
  • Kanuka Honey 250g - Tahi
  • Kanuka Honey 250g - Tahi


Kanuka Honey 250g


Winner of a Gold Medal for quality at the London Honey Awards 2020.

Kanuka might just be the next big thing. New to Tahi’s range, this honey was intruduced to the UK by Harvey Nichols. Kanuka (also known as kunzea ericoides or white tea-tree) is a white or pink flowered shrub from the myrtle family. Like its more famous cousin Manuka, Kanuka honey contains antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. But what has many in the health and beauty industry buzzing around Kanuka, is claims surrounding the treatment of skin conditions and benefits for the immune system. We’ll leave that to the scientist, but all we know is that Kanuka is lighter in colour than Manuka, feels slightly less sweet and has delightful tangy, creamy and floral notes to it. We’ve been drizzling it over ice cream, slathering it on toast and even mixing it into facemasks.

Tahi produces its award-winning, natural and eco-friendly honey on a remote wetland sanctuary on New Zealand’s North Island. Its bees feed freely on the nectar of wild flowers, the honey then receives minimal treatment (no overheating, no pasteurising, nothing added) to retain its high pollen content – so highly prized for its health and beauty benefits.

Tahi has planted thousands of trees, restored 30 hectares of wetlands, offset their carbon footprint and educated local communities. Their activities have seen the number of bird species on their land rise from 14 to 70. Its hives are in the wild and are not used for commercial pollination, meaning the bees are not constantly being moved around, they receive multiple food sources and are less exposed to pesticides and fungicides. And finally, where most honey producers replace the honey they take from the hive with a sugar solution that contains none of the nutrients that bees need to protect their immune system, Tahi leave their bees with enough of their own honey to ensure their healthy survival over the winter months.

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Full Ingredients:

New Zealand Kanuka Honey.

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