Our Commitment  
Harvey Nichols is committed to its workforce, partners, products and services being reflective & inclusive of the diverse communities we serve. We will continue to progress and intentionally integrate diversity in everything we do. 

Therefore, it must be integral to our business’ DNA that we embrace difference and diversity of identity, experience, and thought, and actively strive for inclusive behaviours across our company and our work.  

We are committed to making these values part of the rich fabric of our business.  

We aim to cultivate a positive, inclusive and diverse culture, as well as unforgettable customer experiences that provide a sense of belonging. 

Our Practice  
At Harvey Nichols our employees, products and services need to be reflective of the vast diversity of the communities we serve. Diverse voices should be amplified and intentionally integrated into our work. ​ 

Our People 
Harvey Nichols will create an inclusive workplace to attract, retain and develop diverse talent from all backgrounds and cultures. ​ 

Our Learning 
We will educate ourselves and our staff, in order to establish and promote an open, honest and authentic dialogue about diversity and inclusivity within Harvey Nichols.