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The Alkemistry

New to Harvey Nichols, luxury jewellery brand The Alkemistry offers the ultimate bespoke piercing experience for both adults and children.

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The Alkemistry’s focus lies in creating the most luxurious and comfortable piercing environment possible for customers. From specialised drinks that calm and soothe, to a complimentary goody bag, each part of this service has been carefully designed with your wellbeing in mind.


15 minutes, £25 per piercing, jewellery additional
Already know already know what style you would like? This is the perfect package for you.

60 minutes, £75 for up to three piercings, jewellery additional
A bespoke 1 hour styling session with a stylist to help choose the location on the ear and the perfect piece based on your unique ear shape.

30 minutes, £55 for two child piercings and a complimentary adult piercing, jewellery additional
Make your child’s first piercing create a magical memory.


All jewellery is designed to last a lifetime, made from pure gold, diamonds, pearls and precious gemstones. Here, you’ll find a selection of piercing jewellery featuring pieces from The Alkemistry's piercing partner, Kismet by Milka, who ensure that all their jewellery is APP (Association of Professional Piercers) approved.

A selection of The Alkemistry jewellery can be viewed here.


The Alkemistry prides itself on its expert, well-rounded service and wants to ensure that you receive the best aftercare possible. One month after your piercing, you can book a free, 15-minute check up with one of the brand's friendly piercers to guarantee that your piercing is healing as it should.

Once your piercing has healed fully, The Alkemistry also offers the option to downsize your post. This ensures the piercing maintains the correct angle and the earring looks neat against your ear. If you originally chose to be pierced with a Kismet by Milka earring, you will simply need to switch the size of the post to a smaller bar. If you went for a standard £35 gold bar, you have the option of bringing it back in and redeeming £35 from your next purchase.

An image of piercing locations on the ear


The Alkemistry offers the below ear piercing locations.

Lobe – The lobe is the soft, rounded, fleshy part of the lower ear. The lobe allows multiple combinations of piercings for a unique, playful look.

Antitragus – The antitragus is located just above the ear lobe. It’s a small triangular bit of cartilage opposite the tragus that points towards the front of the body.

Conch – The conch piercing passes through the shell-shaped structure of the external ear, named the concha. Conch piercings can be extremely fun and highly customisable.

Outer Conch – The outer conch sits on the arched part of the ear between the conch and the helix.

Helix – Subtle and chic, the helix piercing is located on the outer rim of the ear that extends from the end of the lobe to the forward helix.

Flat – The flat is located in the flat space of cartilage below the helix and the flap of cartilage where the rook is located. Flat piercings provide a large area for unique piercing placement.

Forward Helix – The forward helix piercing is positioned beside the helix, at the front of the ear and connects the ear to the head.

Rook – The rook piercing goes vertically through the hard ridge of cartilage in the inner ear, beside the forward helix.

Daith – The daith piercing is beside the forward helix and passes through the ear's innermost cartilage fold. This subtle placement is ideal for rings.

Tragus – The tragus piercing passes through the small nodule of cartilage connecting to the face in front of the ear canal.