A Guide to The Holiday Capsule WardrobeDiscover warm-weather heroes.

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How do you pack a light suitcase that still has all your essentials? Going away seems like the perfect excuse to show off all of your potential holiday heroes. You arrive at the airport to find you’re being charged extra for baggage, and you have 30 outfit options for a seven-day trip. If you haven’t heard of a capsule wardrobe before; it’s a stripped-back selection of 37 mix-and-match items, made to take away the stress of outfit styling. We’ve taken that concept and devised your perfect holiday wardrobe. Overfilled suitcases and rushed holiday packing are about to become a thing of the past.

One of the biggest culprits for suitcase stuffing is the bikini, or rather, the endless varieties you think you need. Okay, if you’re semi Instagram-famous and want that perfect bikini shot, we understand you might want to take a few. However, if you just need a pool appropriate swimsuit which can double as a sightseeing top, then all your bases are covered in one. Stick to one colour, such as red, white or black, for easy coordination with other items.

Similar to the tote but less structured, a hobo bag is traditionally characterised by a crescent shape. More recently, designers have brought hobo bags closer to the structured shape of a large tote but crafted so the material slouches in the middle. The slouchy hobo complements a casual vibe perfectly, but it also works to offset smarter items, such as tailored trousers or a blazer paired with jeans, adding a laid-back edge. Make it your go-to for relaxed days out.


The traditional sundress has been around for years, but we’re turning to a sexier iteration: the wrap dress. It’s an essential for a hot summer evening, teamed with minimal makeup and sandals, plus it's just as easily thrown on over your swimsuit at the beach the next day.

Kaftans and tunics are the standard for beach-ready cover ups, but this year we’re loving oversized shirts. Think light, breathable linen that's almost sheer. It also works as your go-to layering piece when travelling on the chilly, air-conditioned plane.

For the one bottom item (yes, you really only need one) we’re looking to wide-leg trousers. Pick up a pair in a lightweight fabric – silk trousers are our current favourite. You could opt for white or grey if your style is minimal, but remember you’re on holiday, so if you’re searching for a good time to test out those palm tree-print trousers, it would be now.

A loose, thin white T-shirt is a given in any holiday wardrobe, and don’t forget you also need a versatile item to pair with your printed trousers. Slogan tees aren’t going anywhere for a minute so if you want to make more of a statement, we’re game, but make sure it goes with your print of choice.


Save space with an all-in-one; nothing says low-maintenance like a jumpsuit or playsuit. If you prefer muted colours then stick to one tone, but something in hot pink or bright red will stop you from thinking that 'essentials' are synonymous with plain.

The ultimate in warm-weather footwear, the espadrille is essential if you want to cut down on the ten pairs of shoes you took away last year. Ideally, you need something comfortable enough for sightseeing, but also breathable in 35 degree heat.


For evenings, one pair of sandals will serve you well. A mid-block heel will keep you comfortable without looking too casual. Plus, you didn’t get that holiday pedicure for nothing.

You only need one piece of jewellery. Statement earrings are your new failsafe. They don’t give you tan lines or get covered in sun cream like your favourite rings, and they don’t tangle in your makeup bag like your necklaces always somehow do.

Protect yourself from unnecessary sunburn (and look incredible while doing so) with a wide-brimmed sunhat. There’s something so mysterious yet “please Instagram me” about a sunhat.


A small handbag to hold your necessities – phone, hotel key, lipstick – that adds minimal fuss. If you want to take the look a step further, try a wooden box clutch. Save space and help your bag keep its shape by filling it with your rolled up T-shirt.

Take this as your plane carry-on, and to hold all your beach essentials. Make sure it’s a bag you won’t mind getting a little sand on, or in, and that there’s space for a towel.


Once you’ve rolled all of your holiday items into your suitcase (roll instead of fold to avoid wrinkling), it’s time to think beauty necessities. Never scrimp on your suncare and wear at least SPF30, plus make the most of your holiday glow in the evenings with a luxury highlighter.