Our Sustainable and Vegan Food GuideTips to making your pantry more sustainable.

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With collections hand-picked by our experts brimming with pantry essentials and delectable treats – sustainable and eco-friendly eating has never been easier. Our edit below delves into the benefits of going green and gives tips on how to make conscious food choices.


Food is considered sustainable if it is grown or reared in a way that limits its negative impact on the environment. Growing your own vegetables and making conscious decisions when picking your meat, fish and produce are small steps you can make to living an eco-friendlier lifestyle. Small lifestyle changes can make a big impact and investing in reusable tools makes it easier for you to do your part for the planet.

Something as simple as replacing a single-use coffee cup with a sustainable alternative will significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Earn style points while being environmentally conscious with Le Creuset’s collection of stainless steel travel mugs. Vacuum sealed to keep the contents at your preferred temperature, these sleek pieces are topped with the label’s iconic coloured lid. Clear your cupboards of the plastic in favour of stainless steel products from S’well. From triple-layered BPA/BPS-free water bottles to tumblers, thermos’ and bowls, Swell’s sustainable collection is a vision of unique prints and playfully bright hues. Teaming up with UNICEF, the brand continues it conscious ethos by helping to provide clean water for children around the world.

Tip: Preparing your meals in advance will help you reduce waste with reusable containers and cutlery.


If you’re curious about going vegan, then you’ve come to the right place. Often referred to as a plant-based diet, veganism consists of non-animal products. Our carefully created edit is made up of sumptuous vegan chocolates, unique sweet confections, sauces, and savoury snacks – all sourced from sustainably minded brands and suppliers. There are excellent animal-free alternatives for cheese, milk, and meat that you can seamlessly slip into your routine. Mid-week vegan meals can be a great way to try out new ingredients before committing to a lifestyle change and a step in the right direction to making conscious food choices.

It can be a common misconception that a vegan diet lacks protein. Plant-powered vegan recipes are packed with nutrients and can be found across our series of outstanding restaurants.

Tip: Almond milk and oat milk are great vegan friendly alternatives that can be used when making tea and coffee.

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