Women’s Summer Jewellery GuideArtfully accessorise your summer with our luxurious jewellery edit.

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Whether you’re jet-setting around the world this season or keeping it cool at home, add some designer gems or jewels to your look for one of the easiest ways to freshen up your summer style.

With some of the hottest summer jewellery trends around, you’ll find everything you need to add some much-needed style to everyday looks or dazzle all those around you with more eye-catching pieces.

How to Style Necklaces For The Summer

As a standalone statement piece or simply adding some refinement to your neckline, a designer necklace can have a big impact on your ensemble. And with a myriad of jewellers offering more intricate and playful designs, we’ve got five styles for you to try this summer.

Gold Necklaces

While we agree that a designer gold necklace will always work well with more formal pieces, this season, we’re seeing a more concerted effort from designers and stylists alike to compliment more basic everyday looks with a gold designer necklace, and we couldn’t agree more.

For more laid-back sundress and low-top summer looks, opt for a delicate herringbone necklace from the likes of Fallon. Featuring a designer-stamped pouch and sleek, short links, a designer gold plated herringbone is ideal for adding more of a polished feel to a more casual summer ensemble.

For a design with a bit more attitude then go for a gold necklace with a chunkier chain link, show off your favourite designer logo with an oversized gold-plated piece from the likes of Balenciaga and Paco Rabanne.

Silver Necklaces

Seen as the perfect anecdote to bolded prints and striking patterns, take another look at a stylish silver necklace. In terms of what style to go for, we’d recommend opting for thinner chains and more understated single pendant designs.

Silver necklaces naturally compliment more colourful maxis and floral minis and to add an air of sophistication to this more outlandish style, then tone down the look with something like Daisy London’s peachy Sterling silver necklace or Alighieri’s single pendant design.

Pearl Necklaces

Discover your inner Audrey Hepburn and opt for a pearl necklace this summer.

With an array of designs in warming pastel shades and floral hues of peach, lilac, and creamy whites on offer, compliment those summer evening sunsets, pair a designer satin dress or seersucker one-piece with one of Missoma’s elegant pearl pieces. And if you really want to make an impression at dinner, why not show off all your pearly whites with matching earrings and bracelet.

Beaded Necklaces

Guaranteed to brighten up any summer look, if you’re looking for something a little less formal and more statement, then a beaded necklace is for you.

Available in a wide range of finishes from colourful enamels and glass to sea-inspired beaded styles, there’s plenty of room to experiment.

Naturally, beads work better with more laid-back styles and while a design from the likes of Eliou or Missoma will always brighten up your basics. Why not go one step further and compliment your beachwear style by layering two vibrant beaded necklaces together.


They can be fun, fierce and fabulous, a designer choker is a great way to add a touch of attitude to your summer wardrobe.

Styling your choker couldn’t be easier, the only thing you need to remember is the colour and shape of your choker can determine the overall feel of your outfit. During the day, a shorter, more refined silver-toned choker is a great way to add some sass to your classic designer tee and denim shorts style without looking like you’ve tried too hard.

For dressier evening styles like a vibrant maxi or a designer bodysuit, a chunkier gold-styled choker is always a good option. But if your outfit is already statement enough, then toning down the look with a cream or grey choker style is certainly a perfect alternative.

How to Style Designer Earrings

Featuring the very latest stud, drop earrings, hooped, and ear cuff styles, we’ve got four earring styles for you to try this summer.

Stud Earrings

Whether you’re looking for a simple diamond stud or standout gemstone piece, no jewellery box is complete without a pair of stylish stud earrings.

Studs look just as good worn on their own or when paired with multiple piercings. During the day, they’re one of the easiest ways to add a bit of sparkle to mid-morning brunches with a rose-gold or crystal-embellished stud style.

From day to night, switch out the rose-gold studs and add a bit more finesse to your evening dress with a signature diamond stud from the likes of Dinny Hall and Mozafarian.

Whether you’re going for a casual or dressy vibe, learning how to stack your designer studs the right way can really elevate your style. And while you may be keen to show off your multiple piercings, it’s important to remember that less can mean more.

For a polished finish, avoid cluttering your lobes with too many big and bold stud designs and instead layer more refined stud styles that highlight the curves and contours of your ear.

Drop Earrings

Positioned just below the ear lobe, whether they’re anchored from studs, hoops or hooked backs, with charming logo accents, romantic pearls and crystal-embellished designs on offer, a pair of drop earrings for the summer is a must.

Perfect for more feminine looks, a pair of gold-plated drop-downs are perfect for romantic evenings with your special someone. Complimented by a black jumpsuit, pointed flats and a sleek matching designer bag and we’re sure you’ll grab all the attention. When it comes to more formal affairs, a sleek pair of ultra-sophisticated pearl drops work well with free-flowing cocktail dresses and helps add a bit more refinement to sultry cut-out dress styles.

Hooped Earrings

Finding the right hoop style for you can be difficult, too big, or too much and you can lose the sophistication of your whole look, but if styled right, it can certainly make a real impact.

Ideal for lunch dates or cocktails, our first style offering is a vibrant pair of enamel hooped earrings. Naturally playful and simplistic in style, this season designers like Bottega Veneta and Fry Powers have expanded their colour palette to include bold violets, oranges, and neon pinks enamel styles to help brighten up your summer neutrals.

Our key tip to styling this trend – mix and match your enamel earrings with another enamel bracelet or ring.

If you’re a big fan of hoops but prefer something smaller then perhaps a mini hoop is the right style for you. Discreet, sleek, and most importantly, stylish, a designer pair of gold-plated or silver-toned mini hoops can finish off everything from business blazer attire to the more relaxed designer tee and jeans streetwear combos.

At times, a larger, more outlandish hooped design can hold its own as a statement piece.

Ideal for exclusive after-party soirees, let yourself go in the sun and with larger sizes and textures to choose from, be adventurous this season and compliment the glitz and the glam of a designer midi dress or sleek designer mini dress with a statement pair of hoops. And, if you really go all out then why not stack your lobes up with multiple pairs of larger then life hoop styles.

Ear Cuffs

Normally worn around the outer edge of the ear, the beauty of ear cuffs extends well beyond the fact that you don’t need your ears pierced to wear them. Worn alone or alongside earrings, ear cuffs are certainly one jewellery piece you should seriously consider this summer.

With regards to styling, more dainty ear cuffs work better with more understated summer silhouette looks or more laid-back street styles. However, if you’re brave enough to go bold, then we’d recommend going for an ear cuff design like a larger styled gold-toned textured ear cuff or a double-plated silver-toned ear cuff to finish off an edgier ensemble.

How to style Your Rings This Summer

From delicate bands to more striking signet rings and mixing metals, add new meaning to your ring fingers with our two styles below.

Signet Rings

A classic jewellery piece reborn in recent years, when it comes to styling, signet rings work well as a power piece for the office commute, or on an evening date.

To really show that you mean business, pair a gold-plated signet with your evening dress or with a designer black top and jeans. If you really want to go all out, then why go one step further and extend your signet’s impact on the hand by adding a delicate ring band to the look.


Wearing a gold-plated or sleek silver-toned band on your ring finger will always look good, but if you really want your fingers to shine this season, then perhaps stacking your bands is the way to go.

The trick to mastering this style, make sure you look for sets of stacking rings that sit comfortably next to each other, and make sure that you don’t overdo it with a ring on each finger. Finally, remember that there’s nothing wrong with mixing metals, in fact, it can elevate this look further.

Make sure you allow your rings to take centre stage and pair them with more understated looks like a simple designer tee, tailored trousers, and a sophisticated blazer.

Our key styling tip - keep the rest of your jewellery minimal to help put the spotlight on the rings.

How to style Bracelets

The ideal accessory for sunny days and evenings, a designer beaded bracelet is the definition of bohemian style. With the likes of Anni Lu leading the way with beaded bracelets in playful pastels and sea-inspired tones, a beaded bracelet is made to be worn the beach.

An important style tip - if you really want to get creative, why not team up the beaded bracelet with a beaded necklace.

Beaded Bracelets

The ideal accessory for sunny days and evenings, a designer beaded bracelet is the definition of bohemian style. With the likes of Anni Lu leading the way with beaded bracelets in playful pastels and sea-inspired tones, a beaded bracelet is made to be worn the beach.

An important style tip - if you really want to get creative, why not team up the beaded bracelet with a beaded necklace.

Chain Bracelets

Perfect for sun-kissed skin - if you’re looking for something subtler, opt for a stylish rope chain from the likes of Coach and Valentino. With intricate twists, which eventually form a delicate rope-like shape, this more polished look has style versatility on its side. Perfect for more casual holiday looks, pair your designer rope bracelet with a vibrant floral maxi or orange jumpsuit.

Charm Bracelets

Back from the nineties, make people think you’ve made more effort than you have with a designer charm bracelet.

From heart charms, all-out 24K gold dipped charm bracelets and a vast range of logo-shaped designs to choose from, our sole styling suggestion - be as creative as you like and make sure you find a charm that truly reflects your individuality.

Cuff Bracelets

Easy to put on and take off, a cuff bracelet is normally a chunkier and more imaginative take on the traditional link bracelet.

With a designer cuff usually featuring a wider, decorated part that sits on the top of the wrist, you can inject as much personality as you want into your look with a cuff bracelet.

For more of a statement style, then Goossens stacked style gold-dipped design would be a good option to go for. However, if this doesn’t quite work with your streetwear style, then perhaps Valentino’s rockstud leather wrap cuff bracelet with distinctive gold-tone stud embellishments is the better option

If you’re still looking for summer-style inspiration, then for all the latest women’s trends and styles, be sure to head over to our women's New In page.