These terms and conditions (‘Terms and Conditions’) govern Harvey Nichols REWARDS (‘the Program’), which include enrolment in the Program, the collection and redemption of points and any Program benefits. These Terms and Conditions set out the terms of contract between Harvey Nichols Group Limited (‘Harvey Nichols’, ‘We’, ‘Our’) and each member of the Program (‘Member’, ‘You’, ‘Your’). If You enroll in the Program at or within the mobile application and select ‘agree’, You agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. The Program is open to any person aged 16 or over.

2.1   The Program is intended for personal use only to reward customers of Harvey Nichols with a choice of benefits and points based on spend exclusively with Harvey Nichols. Points convert to “Cash Rewards” to spend on future purchases with Harvey Nichols.

2.2   The Program is available to customers who shop on the Harvey Nichols website (, including international) and UK stores. The Program is currently not available in stores in selected regions including but not limited to Hong Kong, Dublin, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

2.3   Upon joining the Program, each Member will be issued a Member ID barcode found within their My Account portal at which will entitle the Member to participate in the Program.

2.4   Member ID barcodes are limited to one per person and are for personal use by the registered account holder only. Member ID barcodes cannot be shared, distributed, or used for commercial purposes.

2.5   You may cancel Your account at any time by contacting our Customer Services team. Once cancelled, all points earned, and benefits are voided and may not be redeemed on any future purchase. Points, levels and benefits cannot be resurrected once a membership is surrendered.

2.6   Harvey Nichols shall not be liable to You in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise, in respect of any of the following losses, damage or fraudulent activity experienced on Your own or another member’s account (whether such losses or damages were foreseen, foreseeable, known or otherwise).

2.7   Members are personally liable for all fees, costs, charges, claims or liabilities (including taxes) of whatever nature arising from membership.

2.8   Harvey Nichols may make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any point and will give the Member as much notice as it reasonably can but is not obliged to give notice. Earning or redeeming points (“Cash Rewards”) on the Program will constitute acceptance of the revised Terms and Conditions.

2.9   Harvey Nichols has the right to terminate the membership. In the event of termination of Your membership, all benefits including all accrued points and benefits will automatically and immediately be forfeited. Harvey Nichols will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from termination of, or changes to the Program or for the revocation of points and REWARDS.

2.10   These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by English law and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions.

2.11    We will only be liable to a Member who suffers loss as a result of Our breach of these Terms and Conditions and, if so, Our sole liability will be to credit to the relevant Member Account any points which have been wrongly deducted or should have been credited but were not. These Terms and Conditions shall not exclude or limit Harvey Nichols liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence. These Rules prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications, including advertising or promotional materials.

3.1.  Members will be assigned a level (‘Level’) according to their accumulated spend in GBP in a calendar year from 1st January to 31st December, inclusive (‘Membership Year’). For details about the spend required for each Level, please see here.

3.2.  The Level assigned to a Member’s account in any one Membership Year will be determined by the Member’s level of spend in GBP on qualifying purchases in the prior Membership Year.

3.3. A Member’s Level is limited to the spend captured on the account. Any spend outside of the account will not contribute to a Member’s Level.

4.1. Members can earn up to 5 points (‘Points’) per GBP1 spent on all qualifying purchases on

4.2. Points are calculated based on the GBP currency conversion rate on the date of purchase .

4.3.  You must be registered to earn Points.

4.4. Qualifying purchases are any transactions that are not excluded in these Terms and Conditions.

4.5. A member’s Level determines how many Points per GBP1 they receive when they spend in GBP with Harvey Nichols. For details on the number of Points that can be earned by Level, please see here.

4.6. You must be logged in with Your REWARDS credentials on in order to earn Points.

4.7. Harvey Nichols reserves the right to either increase or decrease the number of Points accrued on qualifying purchases, or to change how Points are accrued, at any point and at its sole discretion. We will notify You of any changes we will make by updating these Terms and Conditions.

4.8. Points have three states. ‘Active, ‘Pending’ and ‘Cancelled’. Active Points convert immediately to Cash Rewards and can be applied to transactions. Pending and Expired Points cannot be converted to Cash Rewards and cannot be applied to transactions.

4.9. Any Points earned on qualifying retail transactions will contribute to the members’ pending Points balance. A retail transaction is defined as any transaction with a distinct returns period. The Points will move to an Active state after the returns period has completed, providing no returns have taken place. For more information on returns periods, please visit here.

4.10. Purchases that are excluded and do not qualify for Points are as follows: selected concessions, any purchases made using Harvey Nichols vouchers and gift cards, and any purchases made where Points have been redeemed. Points cannot be earned on duties, taxes or any other transaction-related charges. Harvey Nichols reserves the right to amend exclusions on the above list at any time, at its sole discretion and without notification to the Member. For guidance on concessions please enquire in-store.

4.11. You will not accrue Points on purchases that are fully paid for by redeeming a voucher, gift card or Points. If You part-pay for a purchase by redeeming a voucher, gift card or Points, You will only accrue Points on the cash element of the purchase.

4.12. Harvey Nichols reserves the right to reset an account’s Points balance if no activity is detected after 12 months from the last reported activity.  Activity in scope of this term can be defined as transactions on the account, benefit redemptions and Points earning. We will notify You of any changes that are to take place up to 60 days before Points are due to be reset. During this period, Members can restart activity on their account and prevent Points being reset on their account at any time.

4.13. Members can also earn a limited number of Points on soft actions including, but not limited to, subscribing to the Harvey Nichols newsletter, downloading the Harvey Nichols app per account, opting into email marketing, opting into push notifications, updating their preferences and providing their birthday. For more information on this, please visit here.

You cannot transfer Points to another person, including any Program member.

5.1. Total Active and Pending Points (including Cash Rewards) on an account can be checked  online at and on the Harvey Nichols app. Please allow up to 24 hours for Your Points to be updated from transaction date.
5.2. Points for online orders are awarded on the date Your order is dispatched.

5.3. If we refund You for purchases that earned Points, we reserve the right to deduct these Points from Your Pending Points balance.

5.4. The Harvey Nichols app cannot be used for proof of purchase in case of a return or exchange. In the event of an exchange or return, You are required to present the receipt of the original transaction.

6.1. Points (“Cash Rewards”) can be redeemed online at; online redemption requires the customer to log in to MY HN at, following the instructions provided.

6.2. Points (“Cash Rewards”) cannot be used to purchase Harvey Nichols Gift Cards/Vouchers. If You use Your Points to purchase any products containing alcohol or tobacco. You may be asked to provide photographic identification.

7.1.  A member’s level (‘Level’) determines a limited number of benefits (‘Benefits’) that can be selected and assigned to a member’s account. For details on the number of Benefits that can be selected and assigned to a member’s account, please see here.

7.2. Once Benefits are selected and assigned to a member’s account, they cannot be changed and will be locked in for the duration of the Membership Year, until the Level changes or until they are invited to do so.

7.3. Benefits are subject to availability.

7.4. Some Benefits have unlimited usage and will be applied automatically at checkout. Other Benefits that have limited usage must be applied by the member to their transaction online. For more information on what type of Benefits You can select, please log-in to Your account and see under ‘Benefits’.

7.5. Once a selected, limited Benefit has been used the intended number of times, the benefit will still show on the account it was selected on but change to state of ‘Used’. The account-holder cannot reselect a new benefit once their benefit is in a state of Used.